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Client Story

Scanning and document management capabilities in Sunrise™ complement the digitised EMR in Gippsland


The Australian health sector offers leading-edge health services to the Australian public and is committed to digital transformation, with most major hospitals either deploying an electronic or digital health record of some sort, or actively planning to.

These health services need no convincing that technological advancements and the application of big data at a macro level will continue to change clinical approaches, public health priorities and patient outcomes. But it is also true that we are in the early stages of this technological revolution and one of the challenges that needs to be overcome is the issue of managing paper records in an EMR system.


With Altera Digital Health, Gippsland Health Alliance

  • Reduced disparate paper and electronic records
  • Improved patient and clinical information management
  • Enabled easier and more timely access to patient information
Gippsland Health Alliance Scanning and document management client story
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